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  • I made it to Boston long ago on business. I loved it and they were so proud of their history. Nice photos.

  • I lived there about a year, but saw mostly the seamy side of the city. Far as I remember. There's probably no other episode in my life so irretrievably blurred in my brain. Mass Ave, Fremont St, improperly-installed windows falling out of a high-rise downtown, Back-bay, sleeping in Beverly Sills' spare bedroom, Jim Kweskin and Maria D'amato (before Muldar)... guess it could all come back with the right drugs.
    Great to see you here. i'm on a 'Comment-Only 'work-release' program for now. Cheers, and enjoy the sights in B-ston

  • I would like to go there, someday. Seems like THERE is a lot to see.

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