February 15, 2014


    Does anybody here know what happened to Martin?
    Who steered young Bieber wrong?
    The last I heard he was high up in an airplane
    Puking into his bong

    Has evr'rybody heard about Toronto?
    And Mayor Ford 's seeming lack of shame
    He says he only gorged on beer, booze, and vino
    To wash down his pills and cocaine

    Has anybody heard much from Lindsey Lohan?
    her star power is on the fade
    That's a given , she's been in more prisons
    Than flicks that she ever made.

    Has anybody here spotted Miley lately?
    which pole is she writhing upon?
    I saw her last week, riding nude on a Harley
    through the local Bed Bath, & Beyond

    Has anybody here made a legal boo-boo
    Yet avoided both judge and court?
    Unless you're famous, it won't happen for you
    Because you're not Bieber, Lohan, or Ford

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  • I commented on this on another site you may or may not be connected to, according to foreign sources.
    In the words of Lenin, what is to be done? I am gratified that you continue here to prop up the ancien regieme, to run the old expired-registration Chevy down the hill in 3rd to start it once a month or so. But we sure ain't in Kansas anymore, where I could check your pulse daily on the Front page.
    Yup, a cornucopia of metaphors, bro. All we got left is gallows humour...

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