Month: August 2014

  • Ode To An Old Friend Who Is No Longer With Us

    C’mon! Have fun, friend, go play in the sand,
    Go make me smile, you most beautiful man
    To the music you hear, go on now, dance
    Dance with yourself, dance for your friends

    In your candy-store world, bright pretty and sweet
    You must peer in every jar, and sample each treat
    Look in every single window on every single street
    Fashion new friends out of everyone you meet

    We all have our duties, yours isn’t to hurry
    your’s isn’t to deal with it, get real, or worry
    Others are obliged to take care of life’s business
    Fight wars, wage crime, make deals, collect interest

    Go on now, have fun, make the watching world’s day
    Take what we think matters most and throw it all away
    Dive the deepest water, we’ll watch you from the quay
    We wish we were more like you, no matter what we say