Month: October 2014


    The target approached the bushes where Ito crouched, his black garb blending into the shadows, and again Ito hesitated.
    "What if he sees me me, and draws his sword before I strike? Better I should wait until he passes me by then slip up and stab him from behind, Yes! That is what I shall do."
    The figure walked by Ito, oblivious to his presence, and the assassin made to strike....
    "What if he hears me?" Ito thinks, "That is a sharp sword he has, he might be good with it, too.... I know!", Ito silently exults as he digs into a pocket of his shozoku, "I will kill him with a well-thrown star before he re-enters the house, and I have lost my last chance to fulfill my duty."
    Again, he fidgets, adjusts his posture, starts to throw, then brings his arm down to his sighing disgustedly, as the one marked for death blithely enters his house and sanctuary.
    "I probably would have missed. "Maybe I will get another chance tomorrow, if the weather isn't bad."
    Such is the drive to prevail, to carry out the warlord's commands , yet only if conditions are just right. Such is the code of the Ninja Worrier