Month: March 2015

  • Jeremiah WAS a Bull-frog, until he became a Cow

    What happened to Bruce Jenner?
    He was an Olympian man
    Now he's been overstressed, seen wearing a dress
    It's tempting, man, to blame his clan
    After all, they're Kardashians

    Ed Snowden and Chelsea Manning,
    Are they heroes and/or spies?
    The feds couldn't catch Ed, then Chelsea said
    that he never felt like a guy
    Guess who paid for his change? You And I!

    Boy, wotta world!
    Boys wanting to be to be girls now
    Why not buy some gills and become a fish,
    or a spider become a fly?

    If they exposed the King of the world
    and he became a Queen
    Would he stop any wars in any part of the world
    Because of clashing color schemes?
    Would he ban earthtones and greens?

    Boy, wotta world!
    Unisex is the word now
    The way to tell girls from boys, it seems to me
    Now it's boys who try to look pretty

    If you're going to become ladies,
    And hang around in bars
    Can't you tattoo your behind, or at least wear a sign
    So I won't invite you to my car
    I hate surprises in my car