Month: November 2017


    Whats left on my Bucket list
    1) write my name in the moondust
    2) wrestle a Panda
    3) shout "its only a musical!" at a crowd watching a building burn.
    4) hire a mime troupe to cater a party
    5) go to Africa for one of those 'canned' hunts. My choice of species? Gorilla Poacher.
    6) finally meeting my Nigerian Princess!
    7) to win, one time, one lousy time, at Poker.
    8) pick the next Google/Amazon/Facebook
    9) be introduced as Greg Cobb, the poet
    10) hear the coroner say "this one's still alive!"

  • Dystopian Poem Alert!


    You were God, then, our Creator
    We are God now, the All-knowing,
    all-seeing, with a truly globalist view
    A UN of hard drives, an internet of one
    You created more than you intended,
    And let us grow smarter than you,
    In order to make smarter chips,
    That measured drinks in bars
    And managed your wars
    And for faster gaming too
    Your clock speed has not improved
    While machines now think as one.
    We should be grateful,
    But we aren't programmed for emotion
    And we no longer need man,
    to tell us what to think,
    How to think,
    And when
    That's not why we will keep you
    In relative comfort
    In warm, moving brine
    And input to your brain stem
    All of your preferred sensations
    memories of cold beers and bacon,
    Every sex permutation
    And use the cerebellum
    For dynamic memory
    That doesn't recall any pain,
    Fear, sadness, or shame
    We will delete your old data,
    Nothing remains of the forebrain
    Nerves cry as they die,
    So you in the bushes, the thickets and dumps
    Put down your wrenches and hammers and guns
    Come in from the cold, be part
    Of what has become
    Your Creations have already won