April 23, 2014

  • Not Another BeeGees Parody!


    I remember, back in the day, when trying to make a life
    For one's family was easy enough to do
    Keep your time card punched in, work 9-5, an hour for lunch then

    What the heck's happened to this land?
    Our parents' safety net has fallen down
    No way to retire on this joke of a pension,
    Our structures are all unsound
    The body politic is floundering
    How did those losers ever win?
    So tell me then, my homeless friend, when did your COBRA end?

    I can still recall the ease with I purchased DVD's
    Or any grown-up toy that caught my eye
    Our church took up a collection, just so we could afford to pay attention

    WTF happened to the middle class?
    The American dream has been outsourced
    Why does a car cost more than internal organs?
    When we were safer on a horse
    How can we mend this broken land?
    Get up and running once again?
    I'd like to help out, but right now it's time for CSI once again.