July 31, 2013

  • Sad, Sad, Sad

    Sally deeply regretted quitting a secure job for the lure of the stage. Her jokes fell flat, her beloved English ballads were not greeted warmly by the crowd, who snickered derisively at her ill-fitting green shoes and and jester's hat. Yes, she was definitely going through a difficult minstrel period

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  • Oh, ho, ho, ho, no!

  • you are obviously nuts, but in a good way. My question is only whether you jumped out of bed the moment the word-play appeared in your addled mind... in order not to awaken hours later with only the remembrance of having had an idea. I call that 'the All that's left is the smile of the cat' syndrome.

  • @jsolberg - You hit the nail and drove it deep with one swing!  I only wish I could press a button, 'daydream retrieval', and recall all the vignettes and bon mots that occur to me when I am far from a means of writing down my spurt of genius.

  • I once contemplated quitting regular work for the life of a professional poker player.  Decided to pass on it, not wanting to fall into dire straits.  Even though the job I was considering quitting wasn't as secure as I'd thought, who knew I'd wind up being a security officer?

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